Lets Get Rolling

Ok, so I realize that this blog has just been started and it is not likely that I will get questions too quickly. That’s ok, if you want something to go off of here is my other blog. Now, although I encourage people to ask questions about Atheism and the like I will remind you that respect is earned not given. Disrespect me and I will not respect you. That being said, the inverse is also true: respect me and I will respect you. If you are just trying to tell me that I’m a crack-pot whackadoodle Atheist when you just need some attention, post your question but don’t expect a response. I will not alter your questions in any way shape or form, or take them off, or ban you.
When I get asked a question I will take it seriously. I will do some research if necessary and always try to provide some sort reference. If I don’t have a reference, its probably because its in my area of study (ancient history) and I’ll be able to think of an answer off the top of my head (in which case I’ll still find something that you can look at other than what I have to say).
So go ahead, I’m an open book.


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