Lets Get The Dialogue Flowing

I have been thinking about how to start some sort of dialogue. I hate making people angry because then all rational conversation goes straight out the window. So perhaps you would like to know some more about me and why I had the urge to make such a site. Simply put, I just want to be a better Atheist. I just want to know more. You would be amazed at what you can learn from the questions that people ask, and even more can be learned from researching the answer to someone’s question.  I want to learn more. One problem I have in debating with people is that they say that I don’t know their religion. The problem with that is I DO KNOW THE RELIGION, just not THEIR PERSONAL faith. Everyone has a different perspective of how they see God, or read the Bible, or view on faith in general. Everyone looks through their own lens with these sort of things. I do my best to understand someone’s personal faith if they explain it, but often times it feels like playing checkers with a 3 year old. They keep changing the rules to fit themselves or their argument.

Sorry about the ranting nature of this post. Anyway, hopefully someone will find something to go off of and formulate some questions for me 🙂

Hope to hear from someone soon!

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2 Responses to Lets Get The Dialogue Flowing

  1. LEjames says:

    What do you think would be the best way to establish an Atheist outpost/outreach in the community?

    • Gary White says:

      It may cost some money, but advertising within the community you wish to target would work. It all depends on what kind of community you live in. If it is a really right wing conservative Christian community, you will have a lot of issue trying to get that outpost started. If you are in a more liberal community I think people would be more willing to just pass by if they don’t agree with it. You could also search http://atheists.meetup.com/ to see if there may be something close to what you want.
      Put up flyer, stand on a street corner, post on local websites, talk to other Atheists that you may know already for help, and you should be able to get something started 🙂

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